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The development and growth of the company attracts all kinds of outstanding talents. Brilliant achievements are inseparable from the wise decisions and correct guidance of the company's senior leaders, the hard work and unremitting efforts of the employees, and the strong cohesion. The company’s culture is guaranteed.


One:Enterprise spirit:

The corporate spirit recognized and believed by all employees is:

Same heart, same virtue, same effort, same honor and disgrace;

Seeking truth, refinement, innovation, and development.

Company purpose:

Committed to maximizing customer satisfaction;

Committed to maximizing owner's equity;

Committed to the common growth of the company and employees;

Committed to contributing to the benefit of society.




Company mission:

Adhering to leading technology, pursuing sophisticated manufacturing,

Advocate new trends in the industry and serve customer needs;

Promote superior quality, keep products durable,

Revitalize the farm industry and realize the industry's contribution to the country.

The company’s core values:

Lead the trend of the times and create perfect value.

The company’s basic value proposition:

Our view on company value creation is: labor, technology, knowledge, entrepreneurs and capital create all the company's value.

Our proposition on value orientation is: first plough, then harvest, without ploughing, there will be no gain.



The company's strategic goals:

Create a "leading enterprise" in the industry,

Create a "first-class enterprise" in Henan,

Create China's "Hundred Years Enterprise".

The company’s basic management philosophy:    

Human-oriented management-----The company always regards "respect for human nature and people-oriented" as the foundation of enterprise survival and development.

Responsibility management-Must emphasize loyalty to company assets, safeguard company interests, stress work efficiency, and pursue economic benefits.

Demand-----All business activities must be market-oriented and customer demand as the starting point.

Closed-loop management-----Work must have a beginning and an end, complete the task conscientiously and responsibly, and do not let it go halfway.

System-----Insist on institutionalized management, proceduralized operation, and oppose randomness and blindness of work.

Innovation-----The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of innovation consciousness, and insists that innovation management is the source of enterprise life.


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